About us


AL HABASHI General Contracting was founded in 1980. Highest quality standards and the same high level of liability as well as precise time and cost management led to a dynamic and successful development of the AL HABASHI General Contracting company.

The international alignment of the company with its proven European building standard and also the different languages used at work – Arabic, English; German and Spanish – ensure a high acceptance at the international stakeholders.

We achieve our goals by ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients.


The core employee of AL HABASHI General Contracting is formed by a team of experienced architects and engineers, construction managers and highly qualified craftsmen with our international work experience.


The steady cooperation and partnerships give distinction to the clients of AL HABASHI General Contracting. Together with our clients we develop, plan and build projects that are fulfilling the client’s wishes. Our clients benefit from outstanding and individually customized services at fair terms and conditions. Almost all of our clients are existing customers who purchase the company’s services again.

  • Swiss Embassy Cairo
  • Bundesamtes für Bauwesen und Raumordnung
  • Hungarian Embassy
  • Lufthansa
  • Swissair
  • Austrian Airlines
  • German Archaeological Institute
  • Swiss Archaeological Institute
  • Bertelsmann Stiftung Germany
  • American University Cairo
  • Russian Cultural Center
  • Egyptian Airforce
  • Egyptian Military Club
  • Military Aircraft Museum Cairo
  • Oriflame Cosmetics
  • Orascom Hotels Egypt
  • Club Med Hotels Egypt
  • Travco Egypt
  • Intertrade Egypt


General contractor

AL HABASHI General Contracting provides all construction relevant services as a general contractor but we also provide single services. We care about the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction is also gained by a competent construction branches management in the highest quality, precision and delivery reliability.

Urban design

The esthetical organization of single building groups and their open space define our urban planning as well as the needs and requirements of the people. Our overarching planning objective is the harmonizing interaction of public and private space: The integration of living, working and social interaction as well as the co-action between new and existing building structure.


Architecture is more than just producing buildings. It is nothing less than a corporate cultural creation challenge between the client and the architect. Therefore we rely on the expertise and experience of our excellently qualified engineers, who put the clients wishes efficiently, sustainable and in the highest quality level into practice.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is not only ensuring safety and reliability of load-bearing structures in the building and construction industry, it is much more the aesthetics and the filigree of building; the ideal dimension of single structural elements, to achieve a perfect overall result. AL HABASHI General Contracting knows about the importance of the structural engineering and how to set it in correctly.

Housing technology

AL HABASHI General Contracting implements housing technology at the highest level and for all kinds of buildings. We always follow the principle of not affecting the architectural aesthetics with the technical building services and yet to fulfill the technical requirements without compromising quality.



The in-house AL HABASHI General Contracting carpenter’s workshop is not only producing furniture and kitchen elements but also doors and windows. Thereby customized solutions are as a matter of course and are of a very high and enduring standard. The wide variety of solid woods and veneers enables the best possible realization of every request.
All fittings for the construction and furniture are available from European manufacturers, mainly from German speaking countries and enable individual solutions with the highest standards and ensures durability.


AL HABASHI General Contracting is producing windows of all kinds in its factory. The German system of double glazed and double grooved wooden windows is one of our special features. They are perfectly isolated to dust and thermal transfer, they are also soundproof and are therefore perfectly suitable for residential, office and commercial buildings.
The tilt and turn window system allows the full and the angled opening of the window sash. For bigger window surfaces and for glass-framed-doors we also offer the slide and tilt systems. For all window types e use the SIGENIA fittings and therefore guarantee the highest quality standard and endurance. SIGENIA products can also be ordered through AL HABASHI General Contracting.


In the AL HABASHI General Contracting in-house factory we producing of all doors form and sizes. The internal production allows custom made solutions suiting the function and the room. Color and material can also be adjusted to the clients demands.

Space truss

In 1989 AL HABASHI General Contracting is the first to develop metal space framework in Egypt.
Space frameworks are an ideal solution for spanning large width without columns. They are best especially for big industrial and commercial halls. The three dimensional elements are connected to each other and divide the load perfectly allowing a very high efficiency.
Our system has been often build and internationally approved since.